University Applications

Full-Time Students:

Your guidance counsellor will be happy to help you with the university application process. Please see your guidance counsellor for any questions or concerns.

Part-Time Students

If you are taking a part-time course at Blyth Academy and have applied to university it is your responsibility to provide us with your OUAC reference number so we can update your marks. Please submit your OUAC reference number below. Make sure you include the full course name and code and indicate if you applied using the 101 or 105 application.
For students taking courses at Blyth Academy during semester 2 we will update your account 3 times during your course – first to show that you are enrolled, second with your midterm mark, and lastly with your final mark. After each update, please check your OUAC account to ensure data is correct.
If you have any questions, please email
The information you submit here will be transmitted to OUAC in compliance with the Spring and Summer deadlines.
Your midterm and final marks will be submitted within 1 week of receipt of your marks, ensuring that deadline requirements are met.
After mid-July, marks will be submitted directly to the universities you specify as well as to OUAC.

First Name:   Last Name:  

OUAC Reference Number:  -   - XXXX - ###### - X
OUAC Application Type:   
Course Name and Code:
Course will be completed by:   
Please indicate the name, mailing address, applicant number for each university outside of Ontario to which you have applied.