Amazon & Galapagos

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Optional excursions are subject to availability. Spaces are limited.
Please, choose the optional excursions you would like to take:
Peguche Waterfall & Condor Park (Otavalo)

On this full day excursion we’ll see the natural beauty of the Andean flora and fauna.

In the cool shade of tree covered pathways, we’ll hike to the picturesque Peguche Waterfall, a favourite spot for locals. The park surrounding the waterfalls offers a number of hikes and trails, and we might see hummingbirds, frogs and lizards, as well as other species on our trek. The waterfall is considered an Indigenous Ceremonial Site, and there are several legends told of the area.

After free time for lunch, we will visit Condor Park. With beautiful views over the city of Otavalo as the backdrop, you’ll learn about the work of this non-profit organisation, whose vocation is to protect, rescue, rehabilitate and re-introduce to the wild raptors, vultures (the Andean Condor) and owls. We’ll enjoy a display of falconry seeing the magnificence of these birds in flight.

Anticipated Date: Sunday 9th July

Community Service (Otavalo)

Community Service is an important aspect of Blyth International Summer Programs. We try to instill a sense of global responsibility in all of our students as they explore the world with us. Students may earn 4-5 community service hours which can be applied towards your community service requirements in Ontario. More importantly, this experience offers the opportunity to interact with locals and create meaningful ties to our host community.

– Earn one to two volunteer hours before your trip! –

Donations (new and used) will be of benefit to many organizations, schools and orphanages in the areas that we visit. Items such as school supplies, table games and puzzles (of various difficulty), paint by numbers, books and art materials are needed. Clothing donations will also be accepted. Collect these from your friends and family and bring them to donate during your trip. You may earn up to a maximum of two hours.

You are responsible for carrying your donation items in your own suitcase. When you donate the items, be sure to let your supervisor know so they can track your extra hours!

Anticipated Date: Wednesday 12th July

Bay Tour Santa Cruz (Galapagos)

Come and explore Punta Estrada on the southern coast of Santa Cruz Island. On this half day tour, we’ll cruise by boat to see some of the exotic spots of this Galapagos Island.

We’ll see ‘La Loberia’, a point named for the resident big colony of sea lions; formations of Balsatic lava rock; calm gulfs where we can spot blue-footed boobies, turtles and rays; Shark’s Canal, home to the whitetip shark; enjoy stunning vistas across the island; and disembark for walks along nature trails spotting crabs, iguanas, other bird species and local flora.

We’ll also have the opportunity to snorkel. Be sure to wear suitable footwear and bring your towel, swimwear and sunscreen.

Anticipated Date: Saturday 15th July

Sea Kayaking Santa Cruz (Galapagos)

We will begin our excursion onshore by being fitted out with kayaks and safety equipment. After a safety talk but our trained guides, we set out across the bay with our guide observing Sea Lions along the way. We then head cruise along the coast observing Marine Iguanas, Blue Footed Boobies, Brown Noddy´s and Wedge Tailed Gulls. Keep an eye out below for Marine Turtles, Eagle Rays and playful Sea Lions before returning to shore in time for dinner.

Anticipated Date: Sunday 16th July

Surf Lesson San Cristobal (Galapagos)

Come Hang Ten! This excursion will give us a chance to try our surfing skills and ride some great waves in the Galapagos Islands. The surf at Puerto Chino is said to be the best in the Galapagos Islands with its consistent waves. Our instructor will provide the equipment, surfing instructions and safety guidelines so we can rip the waves. We’ll also have a chance to relax on the white sand beach and soak up the sun.

Anticipated Date: Saturday 22nd July

Canopy Adventure Tour (Amazon)

Adventure through the canopy of the Amazon rainforest on this exhilarating tree top adventure!

The tree canopy is an awesome place to spot wildlife from and we will climb from tree to tree via rope bridges, metal platforms and zip lines. Enjoying panoramic views we’ll hope to see monkeys and tropical birds.

Our knowledgeable guide will give us a safety briefing before we get kitted up and tell us all about the wonders we are seeing as we journey through the cool shade of the forest.

Anticipated Date: Tuesday 25th July